Administrative Menu

Every new Drupal installation that we provide includes an Administrative Menu. This is a small black administrative menu that appears at the top of the page. Only administrators have access to this menu, and it provides convenient access to nearly ever aspect of your new website.

There are standard menu items like Content Management, Site Building, Site Configuration, User Management and Reports. Your installation may have additional top menu items like Store Administration.

Each of those top level links will lead you to specific functions within the website, like creating new content or managing your users. We will provide specific documentation on those tasks and will usually reference the administrative menu when we do.

By default, Drupal will display additional tab functions to administrators depending on what area of the site you're looking at. For instance, if you're on a Page, below the Page Title you will see View and Edit tabs. Most of our installations now move those tabs to the administrative menu in order to give Administrators a better feel for how the site will look for regular users.

NOTE: As you walk through your site, pay close attention to the Adminsitrative menu so you can see when there are new menu items available. New 'tabs' will appear as grey buttons. Sometimes you need to click on a grey button to gain access to additional menu items within that grey menu.