Your website has been set up with a series of 'roles' and 'permissions.' This is what allows us to grant certain privileges and access to certain users.

By default, the system comes with 'Anonymous' and 'Authenticated' roles. ‘Authenticated’ means that the user has created an account on your site and has confirmed that their email address is correct by following the instructions emailed to them by the system upon account creation.

Additionally, we have created the role of 'Administrator.' Any account (like yours) that is assigned the Administrator role will have the ability to log in and make changes to the website. You can assign roles to specific users by going to User Management -> Users. This enables you to have staff or other trusted users that can assist with the maintenance of your website.

We can create as many roles as needed, and can assign unique sets of permissions to specific roles. This allows you to have contributors with more access than a typical user, but still restricted in what changes they're permitted to make.