The 2nd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference on Google+

The 2nd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference on Google+

UPDATE: The Conference has concluded, but you can still catch all of the sessions! They've all been recorded to YouTube and they're all available here to replay at your convenience.

Last year, Chef Dennis Littley started something special. Something remarkable. For years Littley had wanted to attend traditional conferences and even tried creating one of his own, but couldn't get enough momentum to make it happen. He wanted to help others like himself who had neither the time nor the money to go to the more popular blogging or social media conferences.

And he realized that Google+ Hangouts were the answer.

By scheduling a series of speakers on key topics over the course of a weekend, he was able to recreate much of the overall feel and benefits and excitement of a conference. Completely virtual. And completely free.

This year, the Virtual Bloggers Conference packs 23 amazing speakers into 11 incredible sessions, and the conference even kicks off with a traditional "cocktail party" on Friday night.

Each session is a Google+ Hangout On Air Event that is 100% FREE and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC. Anyone can choose to attend and view the streaming event on Google+ or YouTube. And if you miss a session, you can always go back and catch the replay!

Here is each session along with a link to its corresponding Event Page. If you're interested in a session, you should visit the Event and RSVP by clicking "Yes" that way it will be added to your calendar and you'll receive a reminder for the session automatically.

2014 Virtual Bloggers Conference Sessions

This years sessions are:

Friday June 27th at 8 PM EDT

Virtual Cocktail Party
RSVP here:

Session 01 - Saturday June 28th at 10 AM EDT

Marketing Yourself to Brands
+Laurie Laizure +Kathleen DeCosmo and +Isabel Reis Laessig 
RSVP here:

Session 02 - Saturday June 28th at 12 PM EDT

HOA Shows - Building your Brand
+Mia Voss +Jeff Sieh and +Ryan Hanley 
RSVP here:

Session 03 - Saturday June 28th at 02 PM EDT

Google Plus for Business
+martin shervington 
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Session 04 - Saturday June 28th at 04 PM EDT

Podcasts - Your Missing Market Share
+Jason T. Wiser and +Ryan Hanley 
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Session 05 - Saturday June 28th at 06 PM EDT

Hootsuite and Evernote - Your Business Power Tools
+Mike Allton and +Jason Frasca  
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Session 06 - Saturday June 28th at 08 PM EDT

Logo & Web Design
+Ryan J. Rhoades and +Aaron Wood 
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Session 07 - Sunday June 29th at 10 AM EDT

The Future of SEO
+David Amerland +Joshua Berg and +Eric Enge  
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Session 08 - Sunday June 29th at 12 PM EDT

The State of Google Plus Hangouts
+David Amerland and +Ronnie Bincer 
RSVP here:

Session 09 - Sunday June 29th at 02 PM EDT 

Creating Engaging Posts
+Rebekah Radice and +Dustin W. Stout 
RSVP here:

Session 10 - Sunday June 29th at 04 PM EDT

Maximizing Pinterest
+Kim Vij and +Cynthia Sanchez  
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Session 11 - Sunday June 29th at 06 PM EDT

Using Instagram Effectively
+Sue B. Zimmerman +matthew rappaport  and +Julie Deily 
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Pinnable Schedule:

The Second Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference on Google+, June 27th - 29th

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About The Speakers

Here are each of this year's speakers, an alphabetic presentation of their Google+ profile and bio, thanks to

Want To Help Spread The Word?

Conferences like this depend on people attending, talking about it, and letting all of their friends and colleagues know that it's going on. Everyone participating is volunteering their time in order to help others and be part of something special. So how can you help?

First, hit all the buttons below. Share this announcement to each of your social profiles.

Second, if you're a blogger, well, blog about i! Just like I have. You can talk about how you're looking forward to a specific session, interview some panelists or attendees, or just share the news. Feel free to embed the schedule graphic above using that embed code. You can also embed the Speaker List.

Third, just show up! Hangouts On Air are an incredibly fun and interactive experience, so if this is your first time, you're in for a treat. Make sure that you take a moment to review the schedule and RSVP to the events you're interested in. Be prepared to share your questions and comments on the Event page, and have a great time interacting with both the panelists and other conference attendees.

Breakout Sessions

During the entire conference, I will be attending sessions and will make myself available to those interesting in small group sessions or even one-on-one consulting. If you would like to schedule something in advance, contact me here. Otherwise, feel free to hit me up with a private message on Google+ throughout the weekend.

I'm looking forward to seeing each of you at The 2nd Annual Virtual Bloggers Conference!

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