Understanding Search Behavior

Understanding Search Behavior

As a business trying to leverage the power of search engines and social media to drive interested readers and customers to our websites, it's critical that we take the time to understand and test consumer search behavior. By search behavior, I'm talking about the process that a potential visitor will or must go through before they might end up on our website.

How to Select Keywords for Blog Post Writing

How to Select Keywords for Blog Post Writing

One of the deepest concerns of all bloggers is to have a noticeable online presence. Your blog can do a lot for you, whether it is to build a network with like-minded individuals or reach out to potential clients and customers for business purposes. So how do you go about writing your blog?

Why is Google hiding your keywords?

Why is Google hiding your keywords as (not provided)?

More and more business owners have started to recognize that Google is no longer providing all of the keyword data that it used to within Google Analytics. If you monitor your website analytics regularly, you may have noticed that your Keyword report is showing more (not provided) than other keywords. This has search engine marketers and business owners more than a little concerned!

How To Target Keywords

How To Target Keywords for Search Engine Success

The focus of every Search Engine Optimization effort should be to target a specific set of keywords, but how does a small business owner go about deciding which words and phrases to include? We'll outline what it means to have targeted keywords, how to go about getting them, and where to use them, so that you can make sure that your website, and your web content, is optimal.

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