Spotlight Groups on your LinkedIn Company Page

Spotlight Groups on your LinkedIn Company Page

Spotlight Groups on your LinkedIn Company Page

Quietly amongst the new Google+ Communities and #PhotoWars this week, LinkedIn has added a new feature to its Company Pages called Group Spotlight. With it, you can feature a group that you own or are a member of right on your Company Page.

To spotlight a group, log into LinkedIn and go to your Company Page. Once there, click on the blue Edit button and go down to the Featured Groups section. You can then start typing in the name of the group you want to feature and select it when it comes up, just like when you're posting an update. Once you've selected all that you wish to feature, scroll back up and click the Publish button.

You can see what it looks like below. We've featured a local networking group that we're active in, and one of our favorite social media groups.

LinkedIn Group Spotlight Example

If you maintain your own group, this is a great way to encourage visitors to your Company Page to view and join your group. Many companies create and maintain groups so that they can not only faciliate discussions on topics that are relevant to their industry, but also have a more active role in those discussions.

Are you using groups for your company, or just as an individual user?

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