Penultimate Handwriting App is Redesigned

Penultimate Handwriting App is Redesigned

Penultimate Handwriting App is Redesigned

If you like to handwrite notes, and aren't yet using a handwriting app for your iPad, it's time to give Penultimate a try. From the makers of Evernote, the Penultimate app has been completely redesigned to combine natural handwriting and drawing ability, with the power and flexibility of the Evernote app.

Evernote is the note-taking app that we've discussed and recommended before. With Evernote, you can create notes and clip information on one device, and automatically sync that note with all of your other devices, including your iPhone, iPad, laptop or desktop computer. I use Evernote every day to brainstorm blog topics and write blog posts like this one, take notes during client meetings, save templates for emails and letters, track project details and more.

With Penultimate, you can use our iPad as a notepad and write whatever you want, and it will automatically sync up with your Evernote account. This has tremendous business benefits and applications.

  • All of your handwritten notes are immediately digitized and archived for long-term storage
  • Handwritten notes can be electronically shared with remote team members instantly
  • Quickly perform keyword searches to find past notes
  • Share individual notes or entire collections within notebooks

From an interface perspective, the entire app has been redesigned for a more intuitive interface. Here's a quick video from Evernote:

Evernote also released a new design for Evernote Hello, their app for remembering details about the people you meet. Updates were also released for the Web Clipper, Skitch for Android, and Evernote for Windows Phone.

Have you used Evernote or Penultimate yourself yet? What other great uses have you found for these apps?

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