Fancy that! Fancy Buy buttons come to Tumblr

Fancy that! Fancy Buy buttons come to Tumblr

Fancy that! Fancy Buy buttons come to Tumblr

Last February, Fancy parterned with Google+ to bring eCommerce Buy buttons to the social network. Fancy is an eCommerce discovery startup and was one of the first to integrate the new Google+ sign-in API. And now they've added Tumblr to the mix!

Tumblr users, with their blogs and network of connections, can now share Fancy items complete with a Buy button. The service is called Fancy Anywhere. According to Fancy, "Fancy Anywhere is an easy to install button for your tumblr to enable your audience to buy the products in your posts without ever leaving your tumblr."

For readers, this presents a convenient way to quickly purchase any products you might stumble on while reading a Tumblr post.

And for Tumblr publishers, not only can you power up your posts with a dynamic button, but you will also earn a 10% commission on purchases! Sign up at and find instructions on setting up your account at

If you've never used Fancy, here are some interesting facts:

About Fancy:

1. Social

Crowdsourced catalog curated by over 7 million users.

2. Mobile

Named Best Apps of 2012 by Apple and Google Play.

3. Great for Brands

This is not a brand degrading flash sale or daily deal company. The best brands in the world are for sale here including Fancy investor PPR which owns renowned brands including Gucci, YSL, Balenciaga, etc.

4. Worldwide

Fancy is available in 30 languages and shipping everywhere in the world.

Yahoo!'s Plans

This is particularly interesting when you consider that Yahoo! owns Tumblr, and that Yahoo! has been making a series of moves and acquisitions recently that appear to be building a new social network empire. So now, in addition to all of the features we believe Yahoo! is incorporating, they'll have eCommerce incorporated, along with incentivization for users to promote products.

It's possible that Yahoo!'s new network is going to be focused on the relationship between consumers and brands. And that would be unique. Every other social network has always focused on users first, and then looked for ways to bring brands into the mix. Yahoo!, on the other hand, has long been focused on providing value for advertisers and lots of information to consumers. If Yahoo! can find a way to marry product information, consumers and reviewers, in an attractive and easy to use way, they may really be on to something.

For now, all we can do is sit back and watch as things develop. If you already have a Tumblr account, definitely take a look at the new Fancy integration and see if there are some products you might recommend to your readers.

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