Everypost App Adds Google+ Mentions and More

Everypost App Adds Google+ Mentions and More

Everypost App Adds Google+ Mentions and More

Everypost for Twitter, Facebook & Google+, the personal Social Media Management tool and app, has released an update today that includes quite a number of new features and improvements, including the ability to mention other people on Google+.

As we've mentioned before, Everypost is an that is available on both iOS and Android (though it's native so there are some differences in app capabilities depending on platform). Once installed, you can configure the following social networks:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Google+
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr

With today's update, when crafting a post, you can now specifically mention other Google+ users. Additionally, the update brings:

  • Locations on Twitter
  • Checkins on Facebook
  • Facebook friends tagging in photos and checkins
  • Customize boards, blogs and circles per post

After the update, the first time you open the app, you will immediately be taken back to Facebook to provide authorization for the app to access your custom friend lists.

Google+ Mentions

To mention one of your Google+ friends, start a new post by typing in the Compose field, and swipe to the right. The original compose field is your overall message field, while swiping to the right (and then left) will reveal compose fields specific to each platform you have connected. Swipe to your Google+ compose field. Below the compose field, above the keyboard, you will see icons for selecting location, circles, people and hashtags. Tap on the People icon and begin typing the name of the person you want to mention. When they come up within the autocomplete results, tap their name and it will be interested into your post.

Thanks to +Stephan Hovnanian for being my guinea pig:

Use Everypost to post to Google+ and Mention others.

Twitter Locations

To add your Twitter location to a Tweet, swipe to the Twitter compose field and tap the Location icon below the compose field. Everypost may ask you for permission to access your location, which you will need to grant. Twitter will then automatically find and attach your geolocation to your tweet. Tap the Location icon again to turn off for that tweet.

Facebook Friends Tagging and Checkins

The new Facebook compose window includes a Facebook Nearby icon (Facebook Places) which you can tap to bring up a list of the Facebook locations near you that you can checkin to. You can also search for nearby locations. Once you've selected one, tap Done to return to your compose window and complete your post.

Similar to Google+, if you want to tag (mention) a Facebook friend in a post, tap on the Friends icon while composing your Facebook post and select whomever you wish to tag in that post.

Customize boards, blogs and circles per post

When posting to Pinterest, Tumblr or Google+, you can now select a specific Pinterest board, Tumblr blog or Google+ circle to post to. You will need to have created the board, blog or circle prior to using Everypost to post. Each compose window now includes a relevant icon to select where you want to place your new post.

With this update, Everypost continues to create a very robust and flexible app that anyone can use to manage their personal social media accounts. While I still recommend HootSuite for Brand Management, Everypost is definitely the preferred app when you need to post to multiple personal social networks quickly and sometimes simultaneously.

Have you tried Everypost yourself yet? What do you think? If not, here are the links to download:

[iTunes Link] [Android Link]


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