Content Creation Ideas for Non-Bloggers [Video]

Get On Track, Stay On Track - Content Creation Ideas for Non-Bloggers from Mike Allton

Mike Allton was recently a guest on Jason T. Wiser's show, "Get On Track, Stay On Track." During the show, ideas for creating blogs and rich content were discussed, particularly focusing on ideas that could potentially help people who really struggle with blogging, whether it's because they don't have the time or interest in writing, or because each blog post they do write is a labor of love that takes too long to truly finish.

Here's a replay of the live Google+ Hangout on Air:

During the HOA, you'll hear questions and discussion on topics like:

  1. How do you blog all the time?
  2. How can you use guest bloggers or ghost writers?
  3. What is content? What is curated content? What's the difference?
  4. Where do you find content for social media?
  5. How much time should I spend promoting a new blog post?
  6. How should I promote a new blog post?
  7. What do you do if hate to write?
  8. What do you do if you like to write, but it takes too long?
  9. How do you get started blogging?
  10. What are the three kinds of blog posts?
  11. Should you strive to only create content that is new and unheard of?
  12. What are other types of content?
  13. What are other forms of content?
  14. Can you blog without writing at all?
  15. How do you curate other people's articles?
  16. What is Newsjacking?

If you have more questions for Mike, would like more hands-on assistance with your business, or would like to schedule Mike for an interview on your own show, please contact him at or connect with Mike on Google+.

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Mike Allton, Content Marketing Practitioner

Mike is a Content Marketing Practitioner, Blogger and Author in St. Louis, and the Chief Marketing Officer at SiteSell. He has been working with websites and the Internet since the early '90's, and is active on all of the major social networks. Mike teaches a holistic approach to content marketing that leverages blog content, social media and SEO to drive traffic, generate leads, and convert those leads into sales.

Mike is the author of, "The Unofficial Book On HootSuite: The #1 Tool for Social Media Management" and "The Ultimate Guide to the Perfect LinkedIn Profile."

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