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Social is more than just right now.

Is there value to our Social Media history? SocialSafe says yes.

Social Media is all about this minute, hour or day and all the tools we usually use, whether to post messages or review what others are saying, our tools are focussed on the real time feed. But what happens when today becomes yesterday, last week, last month, last year? Is there value in our social history and if so what should we do about it?

Julian is an engineer, serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Previously, Julian was founder (1986) and Managing Director of UK company STASYS Limited, which specialised in military communications interoperability, C4I and ATM systems. Julian grew the business to 230 staff with offices in UK, US, Germany, Australia and Malaysisa, before he sold it to Lockheed Martin in 2005, their first ever international acquisition.

A true entrepreneur at heart, Julian continues to build new businesses through his innovation hub (www.ibundle.co.uk), most recently SocialSafe (www.socialsafe.net) and DAD (www.dadapp.com), and is an active angel investor through J Ranger Ltd (www.jranger.com).