Pinterest for Business: Build Your Brand with Pinterest

Pinterest for Business: Build Your Brand with Pinterest

Pinterest for Business: Build Your Brand with Pinterest

Ah, the old days of doing business and getting the word out—like pinning a business flyer or card on a bulletin board in the local grocery store. Now "pinning" business materials to promote and market is a little more advanced and a little more digital. Social networking site Pinterest allows users to "pin" images of things are inspiring, such as pictures of cool gardens or a favorite sports team. In the same vein, Pinterest for Business is an innovative way for companies to grow and build their brand as well as solidify their identity online via a virtual company pinboard.

Securing Your Online Brand & Reputation

A business's presence on the Internet and its online reputation is paramount for keeping up with competitors and maintaining loyal customers. In fact, businesses should adopt what advocates, which is helping and ensuring clients and brands promote excellent work on the Internet and in search results. Building a solid identity on social networks, such as Pinterest, that accurately represents a brand and promotes products, services and visions creates a good image on the Web and supports superior online reputation management. First, create a catchy profile with a good picture and thoughtful description. Remember that a profile is a business's identity on Pinterest, so it should attract a visitor's eye. 

Inspiring Users & Optimizing Descriptions

Pinterest for Business boards are most marketable when they inspire and resonate. Plant Delights Nursery, based in Raleigh, N.C., has pinned images under categories, including "Plants We Love" and "Now That's a Good Idea"—showcasing plants grown in wash tubs and tires. Pins from Whole Foods Market in Northbrook, Ill., highlight recipes and store chalkboards displaying store specials. A company can promote seasonal trends on Pinterest, too. The upscale fashion department store Nordstrom uses Pinterest to feature upcoming spring fashions and offer creative beach wedding ideas.

Keep in mind descriptions should include keywords so people can find pins in their searches. Depending on the product, descriptions can also be fun. The company Things You Never Knew Existed markets wacky items. Under its "Head Covers" pins is a hat with this description: "With its distinctive pinched sides and dented top, this Indiana Jones Fedora Hat looks great, whether you're on the trail of ancient artifacts, the secret of eternal life, or a beautiful spy." 

Maximizing Pinterest for Your Business

To boost business using Pinterest, Inc. explains that a pinboard should be simple. Also, if a business maintains a presence on another social network like Facebook, then Facebook is a space to promote its Pinterest brand. Another marketing tactic, according to Inc., is to follow Pinterest "big hitters" or popular figures who can "raise awareness about your company." By following and re-pinning from highly visible pinners, they may follow you back and re-pin your pins, which can create more connections and increase your online presence. 

The Mogul Mom adds that managers of a retail store can create a collaboration board that invites anyone to add to it and share ideas. A store owner can ask followers to pin neat things they want to see in the shop and create a collaboration board where anyone can virtually participate. Pinterest agrees a business can build a community through its pinboards by initiating feedback. It's like having a sit-down session with customers, which, if handled creatively, can foster a brand's awareness and keep people coming back again and again.

Are you using Pinterest for your brand yet?

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